Conventional and Biological Controls

With the rising expense and challenge of finding and hiring labor, growers can add a different kind of workforce: biocontrols from BASF. Beneficial nematodes stay on the job round-the-clock, eliminating breaks in the work schedule, keeping harmful insects in check, and boosting operational efficiency.

BASF recommends integrating biocontrol agents with conventional controls as part of rotation and resistance management programs. The largest producer of nematodes in the world, BASF sets the highest production standards. Shipments of nematodes arrive within a few days, fresh and ready to work. And, given the growing emphasis on environmental concerns, biocontrols provide a sustainable approach to growing practices. The following biocontrol solutions are available for your customers:

  • Nemasys® beneficial nematodes – Compatible with many fungicides and insecticides, these nematodes control fungus gnats and Western flower thrips. No re-entry restrictions mean fewer interruptions.
  • Millenium® beneficial nematodes – Growers can achieve effective control of shore fly pests with zero re-entry restrictions.

Resources and Downloads

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Suzanne Wainwright-Evans, Ornamental Entomologist, Buglady Consulting
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Releasing predators
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