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2010 Outlook: Continuing challenges, emerging opportunities

December 03, 2009

Last year was challenging for the T&O industry and based on projections for 2010 the challenges will likely continue.

For growers, one hopeful glimmer is a 2010 projection that big-box stores will begin to turn around, which would bolster ornamentals sales. Regardless of which way the market swings, one outcome of the recent downturn that won’t change is the elevated grower demand that their pesticide investments give them the highest return.

Growers in all types of operations are reevaluating pesticide purchases and focusing on products that provide broad-spectrum efficacy. Essential to their chemistry evaluations is access to committed manufacturer reps and their distributor partners. Science and support a phone call away help growers make better, more profitable plant protection decisions.

Throughout its decades of helping growers control pest challenges, BASF knows that its customers’ successes mean BASF successes. 2010 will be no different.

Based on its continued focus to bring the ornamentals market broad-spectrum, efficacious pest control products, including Pageant® fungicide, the industry’s broadest-spectrum fungicide, preemergent weed solutions like Tower® and FreeHand® 1.75G herbicides, and, in 2010, new Mozart™ TR fungicide and Beethoven™ TR insecticide featuring Total Release formulation technology for greenhouse applications, BASF will continue to grow in 2010.

For its ornamentals customers and distributor partners, this success will be mutual. 

BASF is steadfast in its commitment to the T&O industry. Its drive to develop industry-leading pest solutions – such as strobilurin and pendimethalin more than 30 years ago – will continue in 2010 and beyond.

While 2010 will be challenging, BASF continues its commitment to providing its science as your solution.


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