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Pageant® Intrinsic Brand Fungicide Launch Meetings Information

April 05, 2012

Pageant Intrinsic Brand Fungicide

BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals launched Pageant® Intrinsic™ brand fungicide , the ornamental industry’s first fungicide labeled for disease control and plant health. Pageant Intrinsic launch meetings are taking place across the country this summer. CLICK HERE  to register for a meeting near you.

Pageant Intrinsic provides superior, broad-spectrum control of fungal diseases, and research has shown it to provide plant health benefits in the form of enhanced tolerance to stress and increased efficiency of plant processes. On sale now, Pageant Intrinsic is highly effective on all four classes of fungi, helping growers control troublesome diseases such as downy mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose, Botrytis, fungal leaf spots, Rhizoctonia, Fusarium, Cylindrocladium, and others.

BASF research has shown that when applied as the foundational fungicide in a plant protection program, Pageant Intrinsic increases the efficiency of photosynthetic processes and helps protect against environmental stresses such as cold, heat, drought and shipping stresses. Benefits can include increased fresh weight of plants and decreased number of damaged leaves during production, propagation and ornamental landscape maintenance.

To learn more about the plant health and disease control benefits of Intrinsic brand fungicides, visit

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