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Save Time and Labor with Total Release Technology

November 20, 2012

Total Release Aerosol

Modern total release (TR) technology – also known as aerosol foggers – is rooted in convenience. Greenhouse growers can apply total release products in three simple steps:  locate, lock down and leave.

How to Use
Locate a placement site for the total release canister in the greenhouse (e.g., walkways, on a bench or hung from trusses. Common practice is to place canisters on top of inverted empty pots). Close all greenhouse vents, windows and doors; and depress the total release canister’s actuator until it locks down.

After depressing the canister, leave the building and start a restricted entry interval clock. Recycle empty total release canisters for easy cleanup.

Watch a one minute time lapse video showing how total release works.

Diseases and Insects Controlled
Total release formulations control a broad spectrum of diseases—including alternaria and botrytis—and insects, such as aphids, thrips, whiteflies, scale, mealybugs, fungus gnats and spider mites.

BASF offers several total release products. New products include Pylon®TR total release insecticide and Trinity® TR total release fungicide, coming soon. And for even greater control of greenhouse pests and additional, easy-to-use rotation options—growers can space mix, the utilization of more than one total release product at the same time.

In addition to saving time and labor, ready-to-use total release products reduce water usage, ensure accurate product distribution, eliminate mixing and the related risk of chemical spills, and avoid the maintenance and operating costs associated with expensive fogging equipment.

Contact your BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals sales representative today or visit for more information on total release technology.


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