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BASF dedicates new sales position to support Southeast growers

October 12, 2009

Brian McCaffrey

BASF T&O is growing its presence in Southeast nursery and greenhouse operations with an expanded product portfolio and a new, dedicated sales specialist.

Brian McCaffrey, former Whitmire Micro-Gen Horticulture National Sales Manager and current BASF T&O Sales Specialist, is now focused on helping growing operations in Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Florida better understand and utilize science-based solutions for healthier plants. In his new role, McCaffrey will work closely with growers in those states to provide technical, best-practice advice that addresses their production challenges.

McCaffrey’s broad industry experience and vast understanding of industry portfolios will help growers in the Southeast improve plant quality while saving time and labor costs.

“Expanded portfolios, such as BASF T&O’s, as well as new broader-spectrum products, including BASF’s Pageant™ fungicide and FreeHand™ 1.75G herbicide, mean growers have more production tools than ever from which to choose,” said McCaffrey. “They also have less time to understand them—that’s where I can help.”

You can learn more about how to create a more economical weed and disease control program at McCaffrey’s Nov. 10, 2009, AgriSouth Horticulture Expo—Education Session. The 9 to 10 a.m. presentation, “What’s New in Weed Control,” will focus on how growers, garden retailers, and landscape and lawn care managers can improve their business’s success through the use of new, more effective herbicides and fungicides. To register for McCaffrey’s AgriSouth Expo—Education Session, click here
Or contact Brian directly at (727) 858-0983 or


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