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BASF’s Digital Resources Contribute to Industry’s Growing Online Network

February 01, 2010

Online media has rapidly transformed how ornamentals industry manufacturers and growers share their knowledge, concerns and solutions for growing healthy plants. User-friendly Web tools, online social platforms and information channels have made education and communication more convenient, efficient and—dare we say—fun!  If you haven’t already, dig into the rich online landscape and watch your network grow. Keep reading for some suggestions on how to get started.

Digital Resources

Educational materials are easier for growers to access than ever before. Webinars, video and online product training sessions help the industry keep up with new pest applications, best practices and sustainability, as well as nursery and greenhouse management trends.

Blog, Tweet, Chat—Social Media is in full bloom!

Social media goes beyond marketing and networking. It's a practical way for ornamentals professionals throughout the world to connect in real time and conveniently congregate manufacturer, association, university and peer-to-peer expertise in the same digital space.

Photo: Connect and grow using our digital tools.


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