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Orkestra™ Intrinsic® brand fungicide
performed beautifully for The Jungle Nursery

January 01, 2017

For a year and a half, Sandy Stein of The Jungle Nursery had struggled to save his Sansevieria crop from anthracnose. Nothing stemmed the tide. Then a research scientist at the University of Florida told him about a new product from BASF: Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide. “Two sprays in, and I was seeing new growth that was clean,” said Sandy.

Before using Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide, he and his wife Robin, co-owners of The Jungle Nursery in Homestead, Florida, had tried numerous sanitation methods, and rotated various fungicides and bactericides to control the disease. “We worked so hard to save those plants,” Sandy said. Yet, despite their best efforts, he estimates that they threw away $30,000 to $40,000 worth of Sansevieria affected by anthracnose.

With its two modes of action, Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide delivered fast and long-acting disease control that rescued his crop. “We’re seeing great results again,” said Sandy. “Orkestra [Intrinsic brand fungicide] has given me the assurance that I can continue to grow Sansevieria.”

This innovative fungicide also provides growers like Sandy with plant health benefits, including stronger roots and improved resilience to stress. “You always see plant health benefits with Intrinsic [brand] fungicides. There’s a real vigor to our crop,” he adds.


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