Orkestra Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide

For fast and long-acting disease control, introduce Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide to your ornamental disease-resistance management program. Two modes of action perform in unison for protection against top-of-mind diseases like Botrytis spp., rust, powdery mildew, and Thielaviopsis spp.* Rely on Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide mid-production to provide effective disease control and plant health benefits, including stronger roots that promote resilience to stress.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Controls 48 genera of plant pathogens that cause disease in production ornamentals
  • Formulated for translaminar stability to stay where diseases occur
  • Includes the active ingredient pyraclostrobin for enhanced plant health
  • Delivers dual modes of action for better efficacy and resistance management
  • Rainfast: important in nursery and greenhouse applications where irrigation and rainfall are frequent

General Information

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide provides nursery and greenhouse growers with fast, long-acting disease control during production, resulting in healthier, more consistent, high quality plants. This debut fungicide features dual modes of action, including Xemium®, a new active ingredient for superior disease control, and pyraclostrobin for enhanced plant health.

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide provides preventive, early curative, and residual protection against key ornamental diseases, quickly stopping the growth of fungal cells. This premix fungicide also delivers plant health benefits, including greater photosynthetic efficiency and stronger roots that promote resilience to stressors like drought and temperature extremes in the production process.

Diseases Controlled by Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide controls the following foliar, crown, and soilborne diseases:

  • Anthracnose
  • Crown and basal rot
  • Downy mildew
  • Leaf spot
  • Powdery mildew
  • Rust
  • Soilborne disease
  • Flower and petal blight
  • Phytophthora aerial blight
  • Rot, blight
  • Scab
  • Stem or twig blights and dieback

Where to Use Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide has been approved for foliar and soil application on production ornamentals, including annuals, foliage plants, herbaceous perennial and woody shrubs and trees.

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide is labeled for use in:

  • Greenhouses, lathhouses, and shadehouses
  • Outdoor nurseries (including container, bench, flat, plug, bed-grown or field-grown ornamentals)
  • Forest and conifer nurseries, and plantations
  • Retail nurseries
  • Ornamentals found in interiorscapes, golf courses, recreational landscapes, and residential and commercial landscapes

Refer to product label for additional information

Keys to Success

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide can be tank-mixed with most recommended fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, liquid fertilizers, biological control products, adjuvants, and additives. If tank mixtures are used, follow rate restrictions, label directions, and precautions on all labels. Additives or spray adjuvants are usually not necessary for use with Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide. However, under some conditions, the use of additives or adjuvants may improve the performance of Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide. If additives or spray adjuvants are included, use only surfactants approved for ornamental plants in combination with Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide. Always test the additives and tank mixes on a small group of representative plants prior to large-scale use. Refer to product label for additional information.

For more information on plant health and BASF Professional Turf & Ornamentals, visit IntrinsicPlantHealth.com

* Provides suppression of Thielaviopsis.

Always read and follow label directions.

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