Foundational Fungicide Programs

protect crops throughout the production cycle

For disease control guidelines, download the BASF Foundational Fungicide Programs. These spray rotation programs include recommended products, rates and intervals to help control a variety of plant diseases throughout the production cycle. 

Each of the four programs features a different focus. The Poinsettia Propagation Spray Rotation Program, designed for root development and transplant stages, will help plants develop stronger feeder roots and better overall rootballs. The Pageant® Intrinsic® brand fungicide program is designed to control disease and deliver plant health benefits to unrooted cuttings and seedlings. 

For plugs, rooted cuttings or rooted liners, the Empress® Intrinsic brand fungicide program helps control disease and boost plant health for greater plant survival. The Specific Target Diseases program provides rotational guidelines for eight to ten weeks of protection from foliar, crown, root and soilborne diseases in production ornamentals.


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