Weed and Insect Management

This summer, as your plants begin to put on more growth, they become susceptible to weeds and insect pests. Weeds that infest container pots are especially problematic because they not only compete with the plant for valuable soil nutrients, they may also harbor insect pests. This can cause stunted or irregular plant growth.

For control of tough summer weeds, nursery growers count on the proven performance of FreeHand® 1.75G herbicide. When insect pests are a challenge, Sultan® miticide provides rapid knockdown and powerful, long-lasting control from all life stages of spider mites. Pylon® miticide-insecticide expands the range of control to include not only mites, but Western flower thrips and chilli thrips. Finally, for sustainable biocontrol protection that keeps the larvae of gnat and shore fly pests out of pots and liners, turn to Nemasys® beneficial nematodes.

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