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Resources and Education for your Ornamentals needs

Got a question? Interested in product research? Want to download a brochure? You’re in the right place. The links on this page will get you the resources you need for ornamentals.

Case Studies

Case Study: Topiary Creations

How Pageant® Intrinsic® brand fungicide and Empress® Intrinsic® brand fungicide programs helped a South Florida nursery battle intense weather and improve Bougainvillea propagation.

Case Study: Creekside Nursery

How one nursery uses Empress® Intrinsic® brand fungicide in its propagation efforts to help its plants thrive.


Nature's Army: Biocontrols

Integrating beneficial insects into crop production can reduce pesticide use and elevate plant health.

Funky Pests: The Relentless Thrips

No grower is ever thrips-free, but these destructive creatures can be mitigated.

Hear from Peers

Webinar: These Guys Suck!

In this GrowerTalks Webinar, expert JC Chong, Associate Professor at Clemson University and editor of PestTalks e-newsletter, focuses on the current management approaches and tools for aphid and whitefly management.

Webinar: Beneficial Nematodes, Where Are We?

In this GrowerTalks webinar, biocontrol expert Suzanne “Buglady” Wainwright, and BASF scientist Julie Graesch discuss the various ways nematodes are produced, giving the pros and cons of each based on their research and experience.