Green-Shield® II Disinfectant & Algicide

Green-Shield II Disinfectant & Algicide gives greenhouse and nursery growers a biodegradable, cost-effective way to control unwanted plant pathogens and algae on hard surfaces, such as floors, benches and walls.

Unlike bleach, Green-Shield II is EPA-registered for broad-spectrum control of pathogens and algae in and around greenhouses and causes no damage to clothing from splashes. Green-Shield II lasts four times longer in solution than bleach and provides residual control as long as treated surfaces stay wet, without bleach’s odor, irritation and volatility. One gallon of Green-Shield II is equivalent to 28 gallons of bleach.

Green-Shield II is labeled for use in greenhouses, nurseries, landscapes and interiorscapes on work areas, benches, tools, containers, walkways, floors and evaporative cooling pads.

Always read and follow label directions.

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