Weathering the Storm

How Pageant® Intrinsic® brand fungicide and Empress® Intrinsic® brand fungicide programs helped a South Florida nursery battle intense weather and improve Bougainvillea propagation.


Florida nurseries face many challenges, but none can be more unpredictable (or devastating) to their operations than the weather. Outdoor nurseries battle intense conditions year-round: everything from heavy rainfall and drought, to sweltering heat and frost, to the looming threat of hurricanes. Extreme weather can wipe out entire crops and wreak havoc on the bottom line.


Those are the exact challenges Brian Green faces on a daily basis. Brian is a grower at Topiary Creations in Florida, and the success of the nursery is affected by his team’s ability to respond to the weather. Hurricane Irma in 2017 destroyed nearly 50% of their product and they needed to bounce back fast. One of the plants they needed to recover the quickest was their Bougainvillea. In order to propagate the plants healthy and fast, they turned to BASF.

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