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Disease Resistance Management

Start your ornamental production cycle on a strong foundation of broad-spectrum disease control and resistance management. Anchored by BASF Intrinsic® brand fungicides that control a majority of ornamental diseases, growers will experience plants with greater tolerance to stress and stronger, denser roots throughout the growth process.


Orkestra® Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide: See The Science Inside

Empress Intrinsic Brand Fungicide Ornamental production: Give young plants and transplants a healthy start

Kathie Kalmowitz, Ph.D. and Katelyn Venner, Ph.D

Controlling Weeds in Greenhouses and other Covered Growing Structures

Dr. Joe Neal, Professor of Weed Science, NCSU

Mildew Madness: Powdery Mildew vs. Your Crops

Dr. Margery Daughtrey, Senior Research Associate, Cornell University

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