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Put nature to work for you and watch your ornamentals thrive in the process. BASF offers a growing portfolio of biological control agents including beneficial nematodes that can be used as stand-alone applications or as a part of your integrated program to control pests and prevent diseases.


GrowerTalks Webinar: Beneficial Nematodes featuring Julie Graesch and Suzanne “Buglady” Wainwright


In this free GrowerTalks webinar, guest experts, Julie Graesch, a scientist with BASF, and biocontrol expert Suzanne “Buglady” Wainwright discussed, in-depth, the various ways nematodes are produced, giving the pros and cons of each based on their research and experience, along with some solid basics on using nematodes – various species, target pests, formulations, application methods, and the latest research.



What are Beneficial Nematodes?

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