Research Demonstrates Safety, Effectiveness of Sultan® Miticide

November 02, 2015 

On August 14, 2014, extensive trials to determine the safety of Sultan miticide began in Altha, Florida, in the greenhouse of Oglesby Plants International Inc. The result? “Sultan is very safe for plants and has no phytotoxicity,” said Marian Osiecki, Breeder, New Product Development, at Oglesby.

The research study, conducted at the request of Marian Osiecki, was a cooperative effort between Oglesby Plants International, Dr. Gary Knox of the University of Florida and BASF. The protocol – which called for two applications of Sultan miticide at fourteen-day intervals – was carried out on a wide variety of Oglesby cultivars, including young plants in the liner stage and plants grown in pots. The entire study took approximately 12 weeks.

“We don’t use pesticides with phytotoxicity,” Marian said, and the research provided assurance that Oglesby can use Sultan miticide without concerns about plant health and growth. “Sultan miticide extends the short list of safe miticides we can recommend. It gives our customers confidence that the product is safe to use on our product and on other plants.”

Equally important, the study provided an opportunity to see how this miticide could handle troublesome pests. Marian was enthusiastic about the product’s efficacy. “Sultan is effective in controlling all stages of mites and has a residual effect. We saw it work for four weeks.”

These results were of key importance to Oglesby, which ships its plants out of state on the same trucks with other products, exposing the young plants to the possibility that mites will migrate to them. However, with the long residual activity of Sultan miticide, Oglesby and its customers can feel confident that their plants will be protected.

Sultan miticide is also an excellent choice for growers who utilize IPM programs. With its novel mode of action, “Sultan provides a new option for rotation,” Marian said. Growers who integrate biological controls into their IPM programs have another reason to choose this miticide. “Sultan has no negative effect on beneficials,” Marian notes. “Two weeks later, the beneficials were still there.” This is welcome news for Oglesby customers and other growers throughout the country, many of whom use predatory mites and insects (beneficials) to control the mites that damage their plants.

One of the leading suppliers of high quality young plants to growers worldwide, Oglesby Plants International is also a pioneer in the ornamental plant field. The company, which was founded in 1948, began working on the propagation of plant tissue culture in the mid 1970’s. This established Oglesby’s reputation as a cutting-edge company, which continues today with its emphasis on research and development, including the introduction of new and improved varieties.

“Investment in R&D is an investment in the future,” Marian said, a view he shares with BASF, which continually invests in new technologies and chemistries to protect ornamentals and improve overall plant quality. “We service customers as much as we can, and testing new pesticides is part of it.”

Oglesby views its customers as partners in its success. Recommending a product like Sultan miticide “helps our customers to be successful in the production of high quality plants,” Marian said.

“The biggest advantage comes from all key features of Sultan: high efficacy against all stages of mites; safe on plants; safe on the environment – including pollinators and beneficials – and long residual effect.”

Marian adds, “It’s hard to impress me with a new pesticide, but this one really works.”

Last Update Jun 27, 2018