1300 Orthene® TR Total Release Insecticide

1300 Orthene® TR Total Release Insecticide is one of today’s most effective and widely used ornamentals insecticides. A ready-to-use, ultra-low-volume insecticide fogger, 1300 Orthene TR Total Release Insecticide controls a wide variety of greenhouse insect pests, including mites.

1300 Orthene TR Total Release Insecticide provides the effectiveness and convenience of a total release fogger, as well as reduced risk of phytotoxicity on greenhouse crops, even those in bloom. It’s a proven performer on a broad range of greenhouse insect pests, including aphids, thrips, whiteflies, scale, mealybugs, fungus gnats and spider mites. 1300 Orthene TR Total Release Insecticide’s propellant system covers up to 4,500 square feet from a 6-ounce fogger.

Greenhouse growers count on Orthene for quick, easy application, thorough coverage, excellent plant safety, and low worker exposure. Micro foggers reduce operating expenses because there’s no expensive fogging equipment to maintain or repair, and no chemical mixing or cleanup.

1300 Orthene TR Total Release Insecticide is labeled for use in commercial greenhouses on bedding plants, cut flowers, flowering hanging baskets, foliage, potted flowering plants and ornamentals.

Always read and follow label directions.

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