Amdro® Pro Fire Ant Bait

A Better Way To Control Fire Ants

  • A queen fire ant can lay 2,000 eggs each day. That's why it's essential to kill the queen. Amdro Pro fire ant bait does just that, using an active ingredient that gives worker ants enough time to deliver it to their queen. No queen. No colony.  

Benefits of Amdro® Pro Fire Ant Bait

When used as directed, Amdro Pro:

  • Delivers proven, cost-effective control of fire ants.
  • Provides flexible dose and application options, making it effective when used over large areas or around a single mound.
  • Is approved for aerial applications.
  • Is approved by USDA-APHIS for quarantine treatments for certification of nursery stock.

Research Proves Amdro Pro Works

Research shows that Amdro Pro is highly attractive to imported and native fire ants and other ants. Worker ants carry Amdro Pro into the mound as food for the colony where it is eaten and fed to the queen. Amdro Pro starts to kill ants immediately.

Where to Use Amdro Pro

Ornamentals: Container- or field-grown ornamentals, non-food-bearing nursery stock, and soil around non-food-bearing fruit or nut trees
Turf: Athletic fields, commercial grounds, golf courses, lawns, landscaped areas and sod farms (commercial turf)
Noncropland Areas: Airports, cemeteries, commercial grounds, parks, school and picnic grounds, recreational areas and roadsides

Refer to product label for additional information.

Keys To Success

Apply the product when the ants are most active in the day and when the soil temperatures are above 60° F. Avoid applications in the heat of the day. Mounds: Distribute bait uniformly around the mound. Do not disturb the mound. Broadcast treatment: Broadcast bait uniformly with ground (granular spreaders) or aerial equipment. Delay irrigation or water on the bait for 24 hours following application.

Mound Treatments

Treatment to the mound followed by the broadcast application will eliminate mounds more rapidly or prevent satellite mounds from developing following rainfall events. Or, use a contact insecticide on the mound as a liquid drench followed by the broadcast application of Amdro Pro

Refer to product label for additional information.

Always read and follow label directions

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