Sensor® 3 x 5 in. Yellow Pest Monitoring Cards

Sensor 3-x-5-in. Yellow Pest Monitoring Cards offer growers the best way to eliminate guesswork and evaluate if insect control programs are working.

Featuring superior, Posi-Trap glue, these durable, long-lasting pest monitoring and trapping cards are designed to catch a variety of pests, including winged aphids, leafminer adults, thrips, whiteflies, fungus gnat adults, shore flies, fruit flies, leafhoppers and other flying insects.

Growers can simply place one Sensor Card per 500 square feet just above the plant material canopy, where flight occurs, or just above the soil to catch insects such as fungus gnats, shore flies and leafminers. Additional cards may be placed to monitor entry points (doors and vents), to determine “hot” spots within susceptible varieties, and to monitor low-level populations.

The Sensor Cards are packed in poly-bag Fresh-Packs for less card handling and convenient storage and coated on both sides with non-drip glue that will not stick to skin. Sensor Cards also feature non-sticky edges for easier handling.

Always read and follow label directions.

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