Sprint® 330 Turf and Greenhouse Nutrients

Sprint 330 10% chelated DTPA iron chelate corrects iron micronutrient deficiency in plants to achieve better color and plant quality. Unlike non-chelated or weakly- chelated iron products, Sprint 330 iron chelate provides for more efficient plant uptake, producing long-lasting vibrant color.

It prevents iron from binding with other compounds in the soil, allowing it to stay in a form readily available for plant and turf use for improved quality.

For easy measuring and mixing, Sprint 330® iron chelate is available in a highly soluble, concentrated powder that offers excellent tank mix flexibility with NPK fertilizers and plant growth regulators for both foliar and soil applications.

Benefits of Sprint® 330 Turf and Greenhouse Nutrients

  • Maintains and protects iron availability in slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soils
  • Long-proven professional performance in production horticulture
  • Corrects iron deficiency across a wide range of ornamental varieties
  • F lexible, economical use as either foliar or soil applications

Keys to Success

  • Performs best in soils where pH is 6.0 - 7.5
  • Optimize efficacy with good foliar spray coverage or directed placements at the root zone, or dry incorporation into soil media
  • Follow with irrigation or time applications to precede rainfall
  • Ensure thorough mixing and compatibility in spray solution combinations with other crop protection products and fertilizers – if necessary, conduct jar test


Use Sites

  • Production greenhouses
  • Nursery horticulture
  • Professional turf management
  • Commercial landscapes
  • Residential landscapes
  • Flower beds
  • Shrubs
  • Fruit trees
  • Ornamental trees
  • Vegetables

See our product tech sheet for suggested application rates.

Package sizes include 6 x 5 pounds and 50 pounds.

Always read and follow label directions.

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