Ventigra® Insecticide


Introducing Ventigra®  Insecticide

Ventigra insecticide controls piercing-sucking insects using mode of action subgroup 9D. The rapid onset of action stops insect feeding and damage, and translaminar movement delivers optimal protection against actively feeding pests.

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Pest pressure is real for today’s growers . From commercial greenhouse and nursery ornamental production to landscaping sites —the damage piercing-sucking insects can inflict on plants affects beauty as much as the bottom line. Growers need the most advanced, leading-edge tools to combat resistance while allowing beneficials to thrive. Ventigra insecticide gives you the powerful and precise pest management solution you need to do just that.


“Ventigra insecticide provides quick knock-down of aphid and whitefly populations. When applied at the label rates, it significantly reduced the numbers of aphids and whitefly nymphs within three days of application — providing at least 28 days of control for both pests.”

- JC Chong, Extension Specialist, Turf and Ornamentals Entomology, Clemson University

Precision Targeted

A new mode of action provides precision-targeted control of piercing-sucking pests.

   ● Controls notorious pests such as aphids and whiteflies
   ● No known cross-resistance to key commercial insecticide classes

Works with Beneficials

Ventigra allows beneficial insects to thrive while ridding your operation
of plant-damaging pests.

   ● Will not harm beneficial insects like bees and predatory mites
   ● No impact on the brood or colony development of honeybees

Efficient Performance

Ventigra gives growers an efficient and effective tool to add to their pest management toolbox.

    ● Fast acting with long residual control
    ● Low usage rate
    ● Innovative rainfast formula

A Progressive Solution

Ventigra helps progressive growers maintain their sustainable growing practices.

    ● Not a neonic
    ● Works in harmony with beneficial insect populations

Growers want to experience success in the most effective, sustainable ways that produce the highest quality plants. Ventigra insecticide gives them an effective tool that controls piercing-sucking insects with powerful precision while allowing beneficials to thrive.

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