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Let your fungicide rotation take you further

When designing a comprehensive fungicide spray program, it’s important to start with the basics: What diseases are you trying to control? How often do you want to spray? How heavy is your disease pressure? Your answers to these questions will help guide your product selection and allow you to fine tune your program so that it fits your unique growing conditions, disease pressures and even your budget. With proper planning, you can build a spray program that’s going to protect your plants against almost any disease that pops up

Orkestra Intrinsic Brand Treated VS. Untreated

Build a strong foundation 

Sometimes diseases are predictable and sometimes they come at you seemingly out of nowhere, so you need to play the field and cover your bases. Intrinsic® brand fungicides from BASF are strong enough and broad-spectrum enough, that they can actually carry your program. Use Pageant® Intrinsic brand fungicide or Orkestra® Intrinsic brand fungicide as the foundation for plant health and set these up as the M.V.P.s of your spray program. Intrinsic brand fungicides not only offer superior disease control, but also deliver plant health benefits that are backed by science and have been proven time and time again in production. Think about the three Rs: roots, respiration, and resilience. Intrinsic brand fungicides help your plants grow dramatically longer, denser root systems. This, in turn, maximizes metabolic efficiency and enhances plant resilience during times of environmental stress - think heat, cold, drought, and even mechanical injury

Take your rotation further

Once you have the foundation set, build in complementary fungicides to take your disease protection further. Avelyo® fungicide is the ultimate rotation partner with Intrinsic brand fungicides and its exceptional plant safety profile gives you the flexibility to use it any time from propagation, through bloom to finish. It’s solo mode of action brings broad-spectrum benefits to the playing field and makes Avelyo fungicide the perfect utility tool. When paired with Pageant Intrinsic brand fungicide or Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide, Avelyo fungicide helps widen the spectrum of activity for better protection against the more troublesome diseases like anthracnose, black spot of rose, black root rot, Fusarium diseases, Cylindrocladium crown rot and more. Use it in any program, any time, whenever you need extra control.

Orvego Fungicide Treated Vs. Untreated

Time for the pinch hitters

For certain diseases like downy mildew and Phytophthora root rot, you need to bring in the specialists and luckily, BASF has you covered. Stature® fungicide (solo active) and Orvego® fungicide (dual-actives) deliver reliable preventive control of downy mildew and Phytophthora diseases and provide anti-sporulant activity to stop disease spread, fast. When it comes to the notorious oomycetes, it’s important to protect plants on the front end to prevent losses on the back end.

Helpful tips: Take stock of the FRAC codes used in your spray program and make sure you rotate through multiple modes of action – a good rule of thumb is to build a program with three or more FRAC codes. During times of favorable disease conditions (usually humid, wet, or cloudy weather) shorten your spray intervals. Maximize your sprays with the right application method: drench for root and crown diseases and foliar spray for leaf diseases. Don’t forget to adapt and adjust your program as needed.


Orkestra® Intrinsic® brand fungicide

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide provides fast, long-acting control of foliar and soilborne diseases in nursery and greenhouse operations.

Pageant® Intrinsic® 
brand fungicide

Pageant Intrinsic brand fungicide delivers research-proven plant health benefits, including healthy, dense root growth and greater tolerance to stressors

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