Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide

Backed by Science, Proven in Production

We share a common passion with growers: to cultivate stronger plants, lasting beauty and real results. For more than a decade, that passion has been the driving force behind the Intrinsic® brand fungicide portfolio — Pageant® Intrinsic brand fungicide, Orkestra® Intrinsic brand fungicide and Empress® Intrinsic brand fungicide. These products, powered by the active ingredient pyraclostrobin, offer superior plant protection through a combination of broad-spectrum disease control and plant health benefits in the form of increased growth efficiency and increased tolerance to stress.

Advantages of Intrinsic Brand Fungicides

Superior disease control- Intrinsic brand fungicides inhibit mitochondrial respiration in fungi, preventing disease fso your plants preserve energy and thrive while controlling up to 40 of the toughest diseases with up to 28-day residual.

Increased growth efficiency- Intrinsic brand fungicides maximize the photosynthetic process of plants, helping greenhouse and nursery crops grow stronger and more resilient from the inside out compared to those treated with competitive products.

Enhanced stress tolerance- Plants treated with Intrinsic brand fungicides grow dramatically longer, denser root systems than the competition, improving rooting and resilience under environmental stresses like heat, cold, drought and mechanical injury.

Intrinsic Brand Fungicides for Greenhouse and Nursery Production

Solutions for Exceptional Disease Control and Plant Health

From superior disease control and enhanced stress tolerance to increased growth efficiency and stronger roots, Intrinsic brand fungicides are scientifically formulated to help growers create a foundation for healthy, resilient plants.





Pageant Intrinsic Brand Fungicide Pyraclostrobin + Boscalid The legendary dual-action that provides broad-spectrum disease control and advanced plant health benefits from propagation to finish Anthracnose, Botrytis, crown and basal rots, blights and diebacks, leaf spots, mildews, Pythium, Phytophthoras, rusts and scabs, crown and soilborne diseases Apply to unrooted cuttings,
plugs, seedlings, transplants and market-ready plants from propagation through grow-in, handling and shipping
4 x 12 lb
4 x 1 lb
Orkestra Intrinsic Brand Fungicide Pyraclostrobin + Fluxapyroxad Dual-active formulation that provides broad-spectrum disease control and superior plant health benefits for soilborne and foliar diseases Anthracnose, Botrytis, crown and basal rots, blights, diebacks, leaf spots, mildews, Pythium, Phytophthoras, rusts and scabs, Thielaviopsis, crown and soilborne diseases Apply in production during growth to maturity and finish 4 x 80 fl oz
4 x 16 fl oz
Empress Intrinsic Brand Fungicide Pyraclostrobin Broad-spectrum disease control and unrivaled plant health benefits in an economical drench formulation Fusarium, Phytophthora, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia crown, root and soilborne diseases Apply as a drench to rooted cuttings, seedlings, and plugs in propagation, and to container stock from propagation through production to finish 6 x 24 fl oz

The Science Behind Plant Health

Plant health effects associated with pyraclostrobin were first observed on agronomic grain crops. Growers reported seeing increased yields and increased drought tolerance in plants that had been treated with pyraclostrobin-based fungicides. Extensive laboratory studies in Germany and the United States proved that the active ingredient, pyraclostrobin, improved disease control and improves plant health through inhibition of mitrochondrial respiration — in both fungal pathogens AND plants.

So what does mitrochondrial respiration have to do with anything? Well in pathogenic fungi it’s simple. If you remember anything from high school biology, you might recall that the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Mitochondrial respiration is basically a set of metabolic reactions that convert the energy stored in carbon sources (think sugars) into the fuel required for fungal growth. Long story short, pyraclostrobin (the active ingredient in Intrinsic brand fungicides) inhibits mitochondrial respiration and as a result, the fungal cells can’t supply the energy they need to keep growing-so they die.

In plants, it’s a little more complicated. Pyraclostrobin still inhibits mitochondrial respiration but because a plant’s primary source of energy comes from sunlight, decreasing respiration can actually have a positive effect on plant growth. Pyraclostrobin jumpstarts a cascade of positive metabolic changes in the plant.


[adjective]  belonging naturally; essential

This combination of disease control, stress reduction, and increased growth efficiency is intrinsically tied to pyraclostrobin. Not all fungicides are created equal, and Intrinsic brand fungicides provide a difference you can see. The Intrinsic difference is backed by science — these were the first fungicide solutions recognized by the EPA for their plant health benefits. But even more importantly, the Intrinsic difference has been proven in production, by you, the growers. 

In greenhouse and nursery crops, Intrinsic plant health benefits can be seen in the form of superior disease control, improved callus formation, increased root density, improved plant quality, and increased tolerance to cold, heat and drought stress. To see the greatest plant health benefits, apply Intrinsic brand fungicides regularly throughout production — before stress happens. So let’s put down our roots, watch them grow, and together, we’ll be Pioneers of Plant Health.

The Power to Withstand Stress

The Power to Withstand Stress. Dianthus treated with Pageant, Heritage WDG and nontreated Dianthus

Benefits Proven in Propagation

Geranium rooting 16 days after treatment

Geranium rooting 16 days after treatment from Pageant®  12oz Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide and Mural 7 fl oz



Geranium rooting 23 days after treatment

Geranium rooting 23 days after treatment from Pageant®  12oz Intrinsic® Brand Fungicide and Mural 7 fl oz

Always read and follow label directions. Empress, Intrinisic, Orkestra, and Pageant are registered trademarks of BASF.

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Empress® Intrinsic® 
brand fungicide

Empress Intrinsic brand fungicides provide superior, broad-spectrum disease control that helps plants grow strong and vital.

Orkestra® Intrinsic® brand fungicide

Orkestra Intrinsic brand fungicide provides fast, long-acting control of foliar and soilborne diseases in nursery and greenhouse operations.

Pageant® Intrinsic® 
brand fungicide

Pageant Intrinsic brand fungicide delivers research-proven plant health benefits, including healthy, dense root growth and greater tolerance to stressors

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